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Creating Radon Awareness – Healthcare Professionals

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The Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, Inc. (CRCPD) has recently created an all new guide to assist healthcare professionals create awareness and educate patients on the dangers of radon gas. The new guide, Reducing the Risk From Radon: Information and Interventions seeks to furnish providers with important information that patients may have questions about.

Information in the guide details:

  • Radon Statistics and public health impact
  • The science behind the risk assessment
  • Radon testing and reduction
  • Guidance for use in a health care setting

As a trusted source for many health related topics, health care professionals can play a vital role in creating radon awareness. Even if patients are not inquiring about radon, literature can be provided or displayed in office waiting rooms to help create the dialogue.

Currently the Center for Disease Control (CDC) offers many pieces on radon that are available to use. These fact sheets and infographics are eye-catching, easy to read and understand, and available for download on the CDC site. Health care professionals please consider downloading these publications today and displaying them in your office or waiting room. The number one step in reducing cases of radon induced lung cancer is to make people aware of the risks associated with radon, and encourage them to test.

Health care professionals looking to partner with Radonova to easily distribute discounted radon test kits to patients can contact us at sales@radonova.com or 331.814.2212.

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