QuickScreen – Charcoal Radon Test Kit

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As a Radon Contractor, I give these test kits to all of my clients. The team at Radonova truly sets the bar for Customer Service in my opinion!

- Bryan Coy, Mitigation Expert, 5280 Radon

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The Pro-Grade Test: Up to 3x more accurate and sensitive than other brands’ charcoal radon test kits.

QuickScreen is a charcoal radon test kit used for screening (48-96 hours) that includes up to 3 times more charcoal than other test kits. Ideal for initial screening when a fast turnaround is critical.


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The QuickScreen Kit Includes:

  • QuickScreen Detector
  • Deployment instructions and access to RadOnline (custom online report)  
  • Free shipping
  • Mailer for return to laboratory
  • Analysis and emailed report
  • Up to 3x more charcoal than other industry test kits to provide higher accuracy and greater sensitivity
  • Higher quality packaging for protection during shipping and handling

With more than three times the amount of charcoal of other industry test kits, the QuickScreen radon test kit captures the maximum amount of radon decay in the short term and is more sensitive to low levels of radon. Greater charcoal volume also enables the QuickScreen to tolerate higher humidity levels which reduces chances of invalid results and provides maximum test accuracy.

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Why Choose The QuickScreen Charcoal Radon Test Kit?
Features of Charcoal Radon Test Kit
QuickScreen: A Charcoal radon screening
frequently asked questions about short term radon test kits

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  1. Bryan Coy

    Best In Class Customer Service!

    Bryan Coy

    As a Radon Contractor, I give these test kits to all of my clients. Other kits we have used had lots of problems getting to the lab in time. Since our switch we have not had a single kit not make it in time to be analyzed! The team at RadoNova is always incredibly helpful, responsive, and kind to work with. They truly set the bar for Customer Service in my opinion!

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  2. Rosemarie DiCanto

    Rosemarie DiCanto (verified owner)

    Ordering and the test was quick and easy. The company provided step by step instructions which made testing simple.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Charcoal Screening

What does a charcoal QuickScreen kit do for you?

Overexposure to radon is a dangerous proposition. However, it occurs much more often than it needs to. Why? Many residential property owners and even some commercial property owners do not have a fast charcoal screening kit.

How does shipping work?

We will ship the screeing kits to you with instructions. Orders placed prior to 12:00pm CT ship same day (excluding holidays and weekends); orders placed after 12:00pm ship next business day. Once the screening is complete, mail them back to us with the label. Be sure to include expedited shipping in your initial order for a pre-paid, 2 day shipping, return label.

How long does it take to process my test?

Upon receiving your test, our laboratory will complete processing within a few business days.

Do you have long term radon test kits for the most accurate results?

Yes, our Radtrak³ Long Term Radon test kit is designed to test over a period of 90-365 days. Because radon levels can fluctuate, this long term test is the most accurate radon test kit.

Do you have more accurate short term radon test kits?

Yes, our Rapidos Short Term Radon test kit is designed to test over a period of 10-90 days. Not only will your Rapidos detector(s) work to provide timely and accurate radon levels, but it will also give you the indication if longer term testing may be necessary.

Short-Term Charcoal Radon Screening Kit

48-96 hour test used as a preliminary screening. Test is deployed under closed home conditions and mailed immediately back to lab for analysis. An inexpensive, quick radon screening that is best for preliminary testing.

The EPA recommends performing a follow up test depending on the results of a short-term screening. You can add a Radonova Radtrak³ long-term follow up test to your order here.

What is a QuickScreen, charcoal radon test kit, and why is it important to you?

Understanding radon is at the center of this discussion, so let’s move into this first. Radon is an odorless, tasteless, colorless noble gas. Unless you have tested for it, there is no way of knowing if you or your family are being exposed to high levels of radon gas. This wouldn’t be so bad if radon weren’t a dangerous toxin. The Surgeon General has stated radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, and first among non-smokers. It is responsible for an estimated 21,000 lung cancer deaths per year in the US.

Radon in Your Home

There may have high levels of radon in your home and not know it. You may be exposed to carcinogens without any indication that you are adversely affecting your health. The charcoal radon test kit is a fast and efficient way to screen for radon levels to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones in your home.Radon comes from the natural breakdown of uranium found in soil and rock. As uranium decays, it releases the radioactive gas that can emanate into your home. Some people mistakenly believe radon is only a risk to homes with basements. Nothing could be further from the truth. Radon can enter into homes with or without basements. Older homes and new homes can be vulnerable to high radon gas levels.

The Process for Using the Charcoal Radon Test Kit

Your charcoal radon test kit comes with an information sheet with all of the instructions that you will need to successfully execute the test. The package includes an activated charcoal tester and a seal-able mailer to place the device into upon completion of the measurement period. The tester should be immediately returned to the laboratory for analysis at the completion of the measurement period (48 – 96 hrs). Unlike some competing devices, there are no separate fees for analysis and reporting. A report of the radon level will be sent after the device is analyzed by the laboratory.

The process of testing for radon with a charcoal test kit involves simply exposing charcoal in a special canister in your home. Radon is adsorbed by the charcoal, and upon return to the laboratory the decay products from the radon are measured to determine the radon level.

Your Investment

Your investment of time for a charcoal QuickScreen test is minimal. The test is easy to perform, there is virtually no mechanical setup required, and the cost of the test kit is modest. There is no reason to not test your home for radon.

Your Test Results

The average home will always have some amount of radon in it. Your radon report will indicate the radon level found on your QuickScreen device from the measurement period, as well as guidance on next steps based on EPA recommendations. The EPA suggests taking action when levels are at or above 4.0 pCi/l (picocuries per liter of air).