Rapidos – Short Term Radon Measurement

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Rapidos Short-Term Measurement Includes:

  • Single Commission for testing 1 home*
  • Free FedEx 2 Day Shipping
  • Rapidos Detector(s)
  • Record Card including Instructions and RadOnline access
  • Mailer for return to laboratory
  • All fees for Analysis and Reporting
  • Copy of Report

*If needing to test multiple homes, you must update kit quantity, not detector quantity

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Short Term Radon Test Kit

Overexposure to radon is a dangerous proposition. However, it occurs much more often than it needs to. Why? Many residential property owners and even some commercial property owners do not have a short term radon test kit.

What does a short term radon test kit do for you? It gives you the ability to test for overexposure in real time. Although you may not realize it, you need to have this capability in order to keep yourself and your property safe.

Radon is All Around Us

Radon is a naturally occurring in the environment around us. Contrary to what many people believe, it is impossible to completely get away from radon exposure. Your goal is to limit this exposure and make sure that it always stays within acceptable levels.

You may be putting yourself at greater risk of radon exposure if you have appliances in the basement level of your property. These appliances pull in resources from the outside environment. Radon tends to make its way into your living and workspaces through the soil, the air and the water.

Radon in the air is the most potent radioactive substance. It is also odorless, colorless and completely invisible here. This is the exposure that you want to limit the most.

Fixing Your Property at its Base

Overexposure to radon may also serve as a symptom of other dangers on your property. For instance, radon may come into your living and workspaces through cracks in your concrete, brick and marble. Because radon experiences many natural phenomena such as diffusion (the natural tendency of things to expand into areas of lower concentration), you need to seal off your property as much as possible.

If you take a short term radon test kit and find that radon levels are too high, you may want to check the veracity of your concrete and brick. It is likely that your property is experiencing some sort of breakage, because radon finds its way into your property through cracks and fissures.

For instance, concrete pores constitute around 18% of all concrete by volume. If water is making its way into your basement through concrete, it is likely that radon is making its way here as well.

You also want to limit the amount of heating that you do in the winter months if you find that your radon exposure is too high. This is especially true if your heating unit is in the basement. In the same way that radon comes in through pores in the concrete, it can also come in through the air that your heating system uses from the outside environment.

Your Short Term Radon Test Kit

Having a short term radon test kit on hand and available is one of the most important steps that you can take to protect your property against overexposure to radon. Radonova is the company that you can trust with your short term radon test supplies. Do not put off testing for any reason – the day that you do may be the day that you become overexposed.

Protect your property and yourself by getting in touch with Radonova right now.

2 reviews for Rapidos – Short Term Radon Measurement

  1. Tim H.

    After getting a borderline result on our home inspection, the inspector said we should test for 90 days. We were closing on the house and didn’t want to pay to fix a high level was found after closing. Found this 10 day test online, called the company, and they explained how it was different from a 2 day test. Was able to convince seller to put money in escrow for 30 days pending the results of this test and found our higher borderline level was just a spike in the concentration. Highly recommend before mitigating based on a 2 day test.

  2. Brian C.

    Bought two of the Rapidos detectors for my neighbor and I after the home behind us put in a mitigation system. Checkout was easy, received the tests in just a few days, and when I had questions about my result the person was very knowledgeable and explained how homes so close to each other can have varying levels. Will probably test again with a year long test but happy to know that initially our level was low.

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