Rapidos Short-Term Radon Test Kit

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Short Term Radon Test Kit
The Rapidos is a short-term radon test that will monitor between 10 to 90 days. This extremely accurate test will take into account all of the daily fluctuations in radon and provide an average concentration.

The Rapidos Short-Term Radon Test Measurement Kit Includes:

  • Rapidos Detector
  • Residential Commission – 1 per kit
  • Deployment instructions and access to RadOnline
  • Free FedEx 2 Day Shipping
  • Postage paid mailer for return to laboratory
  • Analysis and emailed report

*If needing to test multiple properties, you must update kit quantity, not detector quantity
*Additional detectors only $35/each

Why Choose Rapidos – Short Term Radon Test Kit?
Rapidos – Short-Term Radon Test Kit Radon Detector
Rapidos Short-Term Radon Test Kit
Short-Term Radon Test Kit Quick Results


17 reviews for Rapidos Short-Term Radon Test Kit

  1. Harlan Johnson

    Nice program, waiting for results. It took longer than advertised to receive, not a good reflection on your company, but I accepted your explanation.

  2. Lynn Bottge

    Easy to order. Received the package in a timely manner. After reading the directions, I have decided to wait until fall to remove the plastic cover when I won’t be opening windows to bring fresh air into the house.

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Short-Term Radon Test Kit

Overexposure to radon is a dangerous proposition. However, it occurs much more often than it needs to. Why? Many residential property owners and even some commercial property owners do not have a short-term radon test kit.

What does a short-term radon test kit do for you? It gives you the ability to test for overexposure in real-time. Although you may not realize it, you need to have this capability in order to keep yourself and your property safe.

How does shipping work?
We will ship the detectors to you with instructions. Orders placed prior to 12:00pm CT ship same day (excluding holidays and weekends); orders placed after 12:00pm ship next business day. Once the testing is complete, mail them back to us with the prepaid label.

How long does it take to process my test?
Upon receiving your test, our laboratory will complete processing within a few business days.

Do you have short radon test kits that test faster than 10 days?
Yes, our QuickScreen Short Term Radon Screening is designed to test over a period of 2-4 days. Because radon levels can fluctuate daily, a faster test can be a less reliable representative of true average levels.

Do you have long-term radon test kits?
Yes! We have our highly rated Radtrak² – Long-Term Radon Test Kit perfect for yearly mitigation system check-ups and comprehensive yearly exposure comparison.

Long Term Home Radon Test Kit

Home Radon Testing is essential for every responsible residential homeowner. This is especially true if your house is set up in configurations that invite radon gas from outdoors. There is no way to completely avoid radon – it is a natural part of our world that is not going away. However, knowing your level can help make sure that the people in your home are kept safe from the deadly effects of this radioactive gas

Highly accurate long term radon test kits

High Quality is our number one concern. Our measuring equipment is checked and calibrated regularly. Our employees are highly qualified and competent. We take part in national and international intercomparison tests. The measurements we perform are of the highest quality available.

We are an ISO certified lab for processing radon test kits

ISO 17025 Certified means that you’re getting the only Radon Testing Laboratory in America who has been certified to international standards that specifies requirements for a quality management system.

Our radon testing kits have no hidden lab or shipping fees

No Hidden Lab or Shipping Fees are a part of our process. When you are ready to ship the detector to our lab, use the pre-paid postage. We will have your results to you in a couple of business days

Why Your Home Needs the Best Radon Detection Kit

Why Your Home Needs the Best Short Term Radon Detection Kit

The number of detectors you need for your home will depend on your foundation types, how big the area is, and how much time people will be spending in each area. You should consider testing above every type of foundation in your home (ie. basement, crawlspace, and slab) Bedrooms, home offices, and other family living areas should also be a high priority. For more information on where to test, click here.

One of the greatest threats to the health and safety of a home is high levels of the deadly gas radon, a colorless, odorless gas that is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Most people take the safety and security of their homes quite seriously investing in security devices and safety equipment but often overlook the need for radon testing.

When testing for radon gas, a Class 1 carcinogen, it is important that you get the most reliable result. If a misreported radon level is high, you may unnecessarily install a radon mitigation system. While beneficial when you have a high level this mistake could cost upwards of $2000. On the other end, a misreported low level could leave your home and family exposed to higher than normal levels of radon.

Responsible for 21,000 deaths a year and being the second leading cause of lung cancer, the fatalist of the most common types of cancer, radon gas is a very serious issue, and you should be serious about testing for it, with a laboratory who is serious about their products and reports.

Radon is All Around Us

Radon is naturally occurring in the environment around us. Contrary to what many people believe, it is impossible to completely get away from radon exposure. Your goal is to limit this exposure and make sure that it always stays within acceptable levels.

How Radon Enters Your Home | Why You Need A Short Term Radon Test Kit
See how radon enters your home. It is important to use a short term radon test kit to detect how much radon has entered your home.

You may be putting yourself at greater risk of radon exposure if you have appliances in the basement level of your property. These appliances pull in resources from the outside environment. Radon tends to make its way into your living and workspaces through the soil, the air, and the water.

Radon in the air is the most potent radioactive substance. It is also odorless, colorless, and completely invisible here. This is the exposure that you want to limit the most.

Fixing Your Property at its Base

Overexposure to radon may also serve as a symptom of other dangers on your property. For instance, radon may come into your living and workspaces through cracks in your concrete, brick, and marble. Because radon experiences many natural phenomena such as diffusion (the natural tendency of things to expand into areas of lower concentration), you need to seal off your property as much as possible.

If you take a short term radon test kit and find that radon levels are too high, you may want to check the veracity of your concrete and brick. It is likely that your property is experiencing some sort of breakage because radon finds its way into your property through cracks and fissures.

For instance, concrete pores constitute around 18% of all concrete by volume. If water is making its way into your basement through concrete, it is likely that radon is making its way here as well.

You also want to limit the amount of heating that you do in the winter months if you find that your radon exposure is too high. This is especially true if your heating unit is in the basement. In the same way that radon comes in through pores in the concrete, it can also come in through the air that your heating system uses from the outside environment.

Your Short Term Radon Test Kit

Having a short term radon test kit on hand and available is one of the most important steps that you can take to protect your property against overexposure to radon. Radonova is the company that you can trust with your short term radon test supplies. Do not put off testing for any reason.

Protect your property and yourself by getting in touch with Radonova right now.