Test Your Home Daycare

Kids inside all day potentially
exposed to high levels of radon gas.

Daycare Radon Test Kit.

What exactly is radon, and why do you have to take so much time out of your day to understand it? Well, protecting your interior business design may be an option if you don’t have any business. However, if you are responsible for the children in your community, then you’ve probably been unofficially charged with the safety of your entire community.

Think of how you would react if you found that your child was exposed to a carcinogen. Here is the thing about cancer agents – they are usually invisible and completely undetectable to anyone without the appropriate knowledge to weed them out. This is radon. It infects communities, including day care centers. This is not something that you want to deal with, on an emotional or a legal level.

We don’t even need to get to the legal aspects of what radon protection affords you. Look into the eyes of the children that you protect every day. Do you really need any more encouragement than this?

Super Precise

Expert Knowledge

Fast Turnaround

No Hidden Lab Fees

Short Term Tests

This economy test kit is well suited for one-time testing in areas where Radon exposure is not expected to vary greatly over time.

Long Term Tests

The Long-Term Test Kit monitors the building for Radon for 91 to 365 days. This package is perfect for buildings in regions where Radon exposure can change over prolonged periods of time.

Your Daycare Radon Test Kit.

What does a daycare radon test kit mean to you? First of all, it means protection for the lives that you have in your hands from 9 AM to 5 PM every Monday to Friday. It means no problems from the parents who entrust you with the lives of their children. It means that your business is known as one of the safest in the community. It means that you get to look into the eyes of the little souls that you interact with on a daily basis and tell them to go play! Everything else is taken care of.

Health Consciousness and Your Daycare Radon Test Kit.

There are so many weight loss programs and gluten-free bread products out on the market today! You can imagine the vigor with which parents are protecting themselves from the poisons of the world, much less their children.

If you entertain a new prospect to your daycare center who asks you, “Where is your daycare radon test kit,” and you have to answer, “I don’t know,” or give some sort of nonsense distraction, then you are already behind the eight ball. How many other daycare centers in your area have already taken these hidden killers into account? If your parents know about them, that means you should’ve known about them a long time ago.

Protecting Your Community.

The EPA confirms that breathing even a low level of radon can lead to lung cancer. This is even more of a problem for immune systems that have not developed yet – a.k.a., the children in your community.

If you are in charge of the day care center, then that means you haven’t placed in charge of the most important asset and resource in your community. Your neighbors are entrusting you with their legacies. You owe it to them to return the favor by protecting the children in your care with an optimized vigor.

Radonova delivers a quality of radon test kits that are trusted internationally. Deliver the best of service and the most efficient safe space available. Give us a call or an email so that we can help you protect your community.