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Radon gas testing in the workplace

One of your top priorities for you and your employees is safety. Create a safe working environment is ensuring the quality with testing for Radon Gas.


Schools understand the importance of teaching. Ensure that your school has a safe learning environment.

Living Spaces

Keep your family living spaces air clean and livable including apartments and townhomes.

Underground Environments and Facilities

The dangers of working in underground facilities like mines, caves or utility tunnels are numerous. Don’t let radon gas be one of them.


When is comes to waste management making sure your processes are clean is essential.

Test Kits

Having multiple radon gas testers can be convenient depending on your needs. Get them in bulk to always have them on hand.


Industries that have the risk of coming across radon gas would need to make sure they had testing for radon gas available to make sure there is never any hiccups in their process.

Commercial Testing for Radon Gas.

You must be acutely aware of the radon exposure that occurs within the working space of a property. Radon levels must be kept within an acceptable range at all times, although they may not be completely eliminated. In order to understand how to reduce the level of radioactivity on your property, you must understand why it occurs in the first place.


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Radioactivity and Your Property.

Radon is a radioactive gas that enters your home through the soil, water in the air. The majority of the radon that is in your commercial property – up to 80 percent of it – occurs because of a phenomenon known as diffusion.

Diffusion is a process by which concentrations of different gases try to equalize themselves throughout a certain area. Because you have more radon in the soil around your commercial property than inside of it, radon is constantly trying to make its way into this depressurized area. If you have large pores in your concrete, for instance, then you leave a huge opening for radon to make its way into your commercial working space.

You may also experience a rise in radon activity if you overuse appliances in your commercial spaces. One of the main reasons that you need radon gas testing for commercial use during inclement weather is to ensure that your appliances are not overworking. If your appliances are pulling and resources from the outside world, then they are likely bring in higher concentrations of radon. You need to understand if this is happening in your commercial space so that you can stop it.

There are a few things that you can do in order to limit radon exposure if you determine that you have a higher concentration than is acceptable. First of all, you want to refill water that your you traps have helped to evaporate. You also need to fill all of the voids and repair any cracks in your crawl spaces. If you have pipe protrusions, then you want to seal these gaps and ensure there are no conduit penetrations. The same is true of your support columns – use polyurethane caulk to seal any hollow areas that may cause radon to move into the workspace.

Cracks in your floor also especially important to repair as soon as you see them. This is especially true in bathroom areas, especially those that have any gravel areas around them. Holes in slabs usually occur around toilets, under bathtubs and adjacent to showers. If you have any wooded stair stringers, you want to seal these as well.

Radon Gas Testing for Commercial Use.

However, before you take on any of this activity, you need to first determine what the actual levels of radon are in your commercial workspace.

Radonova is the company you can depend on when it comes to radon gas testing for commercial use. Use their kits to stay in compliance and to keep your property safe from the dangers of overexposure to radioactive materials. Prevention is the number one way to protect yourself – get a commercial radon test kit that you can depend on today.