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How Often Should You Test For Radon?

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One of most common statements Radonova hears when asking individuals about testing their home for radon is “Yeah, a few years ago, but it was low so I am OK”. However, did you know that geological changes, environmental changes, and even simple structural changes to your home can impact your radon level?

In a recent article published in Michigan, Salina Murton, a certified radon inspector, talked about the importance of consistently testing your home.  If you are planning construction, such as converting a basement into living space, Murton suggests testing before and after the construction. If a high radon level is determined before construction it is simple to include radon-resistant materials in your build or even rough in a mitigation system.

“Think of it as part of your routine home maintenance…” – Salina Murton

Even if you are not planning any construction, a radon test should still be completed every 2 years. “Think of it as part of your routine home maintenance…routine testing is a really small price to pay for piece of mind,” says Murton. In instances where a previously elevated level was mitigated, it is even more crucial to test and verify the installed system is functioning properly.

To read the original article, please visit the Lansing State Journal site.

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