Radon Gas Detectors



The second generation of Radonova’ original alpha track device. Highly accurate within an exceptionally large measurements range, 35 – 55,000 pCi*days/l, the Radtrak² is an industry leading device. Intercomparison tests performed between 2012 – 2016 have shown an average record low 3.3% differential from exposed to reported exposure.


Radonova’s newest detector and a first of its kind, redefines short-term testing. Unlike charcoal detectors, the track-etch technology used in the Rapidos does not lose radon over time, maximizing the flexibility of this device. The larger chamber allows for a greater detection speed for accurate measurements in as little as 10 days. Being able to preserve radon exposure, the Rapidos has an extremely high precision in lower radon environments. Since the Rapidos uses alpha track technology, it is not susceptible to traditional short term detector vulnerabilities.