Premium Long Term Radon Test Kit – Radtrak³


Long Term Radon Test Kit - Free and Fast Shipping
The Radtrak³ is a long-term test that will monitor between 90 days and 1 full year. This extremely accurate test will take into account all of the daily fluctuations in radon levels and provide a true average concentration, minimizing the potential for a false high, or worse yet, false low reported result.

The Premium Radtrak³ Long-Term Radon Measurement Kit Includes:

  • 3 Radtrak³ Detectors to test separate rooms/areas of home
  • Residential Commission – 1 per kit
  • Deployment instructions and access to RadOnline
  • Free FedEx 2 Day Shipping
  • Postage paid mailer for return to laboratory
  • Analysis and emailed report

*If you require testing for multiple buildings, please update kit quantity, not detector quantity.

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