How dangerous is radon?

With the lowest survival rate among some of the most common cancers, lung cancer is one of the most feared diseases in the country. Radon gas constitutes the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 21,000 people die from radon induced lung cancer per year and in 2005 the Surgeon General of the United States issued a national health advisory on radon.

Radtrak2 Long Term Radon Test

Long term radon test (90-365 days) that accounts for daily fluctuations in radon gas and provides a statistical average radon level. Available for single family homes, townhomes, or monitoring a singe apartment unit.

Rapidos Short Term Radon Test

Short term detector (10+ days) that provides an accurate alpha track reading in a shorter amount of time. Available for single family homes, townhomes, or monitoring a single apartment unit.

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Should you test for radon?

Every home will have varying levels of radon gas and being a colorless, odorless gas, testing for radon is the only way to know what your home’s radon level is. Even homes within the same vicinity will have levels that vary from home to home meaning your neighbor’s low radon level will not pertain to your own home.

Environmental changes taking place will constantly impact what your homes radon level can be and construction or additions to a home can drastically change the amount of radon entering your home. For these reasons, even if you have tested your home, it is recommended that you continuously test. The EPA recommends testing every 2 years in homes where a previously low level were found and every year after a mitigation system has been installed to reduce a high radon level.

How Can I Protect My Household?

If you are looking to protect your household, then you need a company that understands exactly what is happening in the world around you. Radon is a legitimate threat that you cannot see or smell,it is all around you even though you are unable to perceive it. You need an understanding of what is going on around you in order to protect yourself. Radonova has the competence and expertise that you need to deliver the protection that will insulate your household from the ongoing threat of deadly radon gas. Any of Radonova’s test kits, the Radtrak², Rapidos, and QuickScreen, can efficiently measure the radon level in your home and our ISO 17025 certified lab will analyze and accurately report your home’s radon level to help you decide on taking any corrective action.

Take it from Tom Kelly, a former director of the Indoor Environments Division of the EPA. “Radon is a carcinogen, and it does not care how much love you put into your household. It comes to wreck everything that you have done.”

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