Why do I need to register my radon test device?

You need to register your device for three simple reasons.

  1. It is essential the exact start and end dates of your specific test period are recorded so we can calculate your radon reading.
  2. Completing the home metric survey that is essential to our research.
  3. Providing the most up to date contact information so we can ensure that your test results get to you as fast as possible.

Who is Radonova?

We are an ISO 17025 accredited radon laboratory. Having analyzed millions of measurements in over 50 countries, we truly are the global leader in radon measurement.

For more information on Evict Radon and the research study, please visit www.evictradon.ca.


Evict Radon has compiled and extensive list of frequently asked questions on their website. We encourage you to visit their site.