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Radonova is the global leader in radon measurement. As an ISO 17025 accredited lab, we have performed over 3 million measurements in 50 countries. Our radon measurement services, which incorporate Radtrak2 and Rapidos technologies, have been the preferred methodology worldwide from homeowners to government and private sector organizations.

With multiple applications we have a radon detector for every project. Our online portal, RadOnline, makes entering location information and monitoring information easy, even while out in the field.

Radtrak² and Rapidos Detectors


The second generation of Radonova’ original alpha track device. Highly accurate within an exceptionally large measurements range, 35 – 55,000 pCi*days/l, the Radtrak² is an industry leading device. Intercomparison tests performed between 2012 – 2016 have shown an average record low 3.3% differential from exposed to reported exposure.


Radonova’s newest detector and a first of its kind, redefines short-term testing. Unlike charcoal detectors, the track-etch technology used in the Rapidos does not lose radon over time, maximizing the flexibility of this device. The larger chamber allows for a greater detection speed for accurate measurements in as little as 10 days. Being able to preserve radon exposure, the Rapidos has an extremely high precision in lower radon environments. Since the Rapidos uses alpha track technology, it is not susceptible to traditional short term detector vulnerabilities.

High Sensitivity Service

For measuring in areas with drastically lower radon concentrations, Radonova offers a High Sensitivity service. With built to order detectors and using freshly produced CR-39 material to minimize background, these Rapidos detectors are the best option for low radon environments. To enhance the accuracy even further, our High Sensitivity service includes a Transit Control Kit. Used for the return of your devices, this kit will collect radon exposure while in transit to the laboratory and will be subtracted from your readings to provide an extremely accurate, low-dose reading.

Thoron Pair Detectors

By default, the latest generation of Radtrak2 detectors filter out thoron gas for a straight radon reading. With our specially designed Thoron RadtrakPairs, a side by side test will allow for a thoron reading to be achieved while also providing a radon reading at a given location.

DuoTrak Detectors – COMING SOON

Radonova’s latest alpha track offering comes in the form of the newly designed DuoTrak. With two CR39 chips inside, this detector has the ability to monitor in two positions. Ideal for monitoring personal exposure of miners or mitigators, the DuoTrak can record an exposure while on site and while not working. In schools and workplaces where two levels of radon, one when the school or building is occupied and one when the area and HVAC system is dormant, the DuoTrak offers the ability to measure both periods. While the idea is turning the detector “Off and On”, since in the ‘Off’ position the detector is still monitoring on a second chip, two reported radon levels are recorded and available.

Stay tuned for more information and availability announcements!

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RadOnline – Web Portal

Your private portal to every piece of your data ever collected across every Radonova measurement. Ever.

Using any internet connected device, you have 24/7 access to all of your measurements and reports. Updating commissions and inputting measurement data is possible on-site from a smartphone or tablet. All of your projects data can bee seen in its entirety with the ability to drill into specific commission or detector details. Retrieval of analytical reports are available in PDF form for your records or to be emailed to your customers. Statistical data from projects is available in an Excel download as well for upload into personal databases.